Personal Consultancy

I use the personal consultancy framework, a model for integrating aspects of coaching and counselling, because there are times when we need to rebalance our thinking, feelings, or habits to enable us to have a stronger foundation for change.  This approach gives us the flexibility to identify what you would like to achieve from coaching, and if necessary to gain insight and make changes to previous and existing internal patterns  some of which may have been useful once but are now holding us back.   These now unhelpful internal responses and reactions may have been with us since childhood, or we may have been affected more recently by difficult personal circumstances or a stressful work situation or relationship.   As Nash Popovic, the founder of personal consultancy,  says “It is not always necessary to go into depth, but sometimes it is futile to stay on the surface”.

My guiding principle is that the ultimate solutions can be found within each person and that with reflective space, a respectful approach, support and challenge, and the use of some creative tools you will gain insight and confidence that will help you to be authentic and realise your goals.  We cannot always choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. Our personal growth can come from processing difficult things, as well as through identifying and following our highest aspirations for ourselves.

As a qualified therapist in Gestalt and Contribution Training, and an ILM qualified coach, I am confident to work at the boundary between coaching and therapy, and can help you develop the psychological and emotional insight you need to make deep and lasting positive changes. I will clearly contract with you for the particular work that you would like to do.

As a qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI® Step 1 practitioner, I can facilitate an assessment to enable you to identify your personality profile. The MBTI® provides a positive and constructive framework, which increases our awareness of how we generate and express energy, gather and pay attention to information, make decisions and operate in the world. It provides insight into how others may have a different but equally valid approach and the effect can be a dramatic improvement in our ability to communicate and influence others within our professional and personal relationships.

As your personal coach I will

  • Listen to you
  • Respect you
  • Help you reflect on your life to develop both insight and self-acceptance
  • Share tools and creative ideas to help you develop your vision
  • Encourage you
  • Challenge you
  • Maintain confidentiality

Sessions are negotiated with you to take account of your particular requirements and the coaching sessions take place at locations jointly agreed, which are free from interruption or distraction. Session times range from 1 to 2 hours.

Please contact Carolyn if you would like to know more.


Having never sought help from a therapist/coach before I was a little bit sceptical about how it would work and how I would benefit, but I connected with Carolyn immediately. I had great trust in her and really felt that she could help me with my anxiety and stress issues – and she did just that. She was totally non-judgemental, very empathic and clearly extremely experienced.  Each 90-minute meeting went very quickly!  She introduced me to a world I wasn’t really aware of and provided me with a range of tools for my situation. I’m pleased to say that things have improved a great deal as a result of working with Carolyn and I am extremely grateful to her. 100 per cent, I would recommend Carolyn to people facing anxiety and stress problems”. Owner/Director PR Business

“My sessions with Carolyn have provided much needed clarity, practical and emotional support during an extremely turbulent and stressful year, including redundancy, an unexpected pregnancy and starting a new business. By exploring how I interact with others, using tools suggested by Carolyn and taking time to assess what I really want from each situation, I have emerged feeling empowered and with a work/life balance much better suited to my and my family’s needs. Carolyn’s approach is warm, empathic and highly insightful while also being analytical and practical – it is geared to helping clients take decisions and move forward with their lives. I can honestly say I am in a much better “place” than I was a year ago and this is due in very large part to the work I undertook with Carolyn.” Freelance Journalist

Since I started working with Carolyn, I’ve seen real, positive changes – her knowledge, insights, encouragement and ideas have been immensely helpful.  In particular, she’s helped me to get unblocked in my thinking, and find the motivation to identify and take the concrete steps necessary to make my life a lot more authentic and rewarding”  E.E. Mason.  Writer

Carolyn was recommended to me at a time when I was facing severe crises in both my professional and personal life.  In truth the two were overlapping and negatively reinforcing one another. The combination of counselling and coaching was perfect for me. With both aspects of my life in difficulty, I was unclear from one session to the next what I needed. The ability for me to choose on the day to address a different topic or issue to that which might have been presumed, was simply invaluable. Carolyn simply adapted seemingly effortlessly and with the utmost professionalism. She forgot nothing I told her. In short, I found Carolyn to be exemplary. Professional, empathetic and tactful to her fingertips. I could not recommend her highly enough“. Politician

“Coaching helped me through a very toxic work situation in being able to handle it better but also come out the other end with the majority of my confidence/self-belief still intact. I have been able to learn from it but also move on. It has also given me lots of ideas for the future and what I want to pursue. The most useful thing about the coaching was the insightful and challenging questions that Carolyn asked, which were able to direct me towards solutions and new ideas. Carolyn is insightful, a great listener, challenging as appropriate and cares about people”. Colleen Williams Accounts Manager

“The MBTI Step 1 Assessment was very reinforcing and has given me an energising boost! Carolyn was very encouraging as she helped me to reveal and classify each part of my profile and to understand how my profile related to different environments – work, home, relationships. This has been very valuable in a number of areas of my life. I had thought that MBTI would only be relevant to my work life but the assessment has allowed me to reflect on how my profile type impacts on so many other parts of my life. Working with Carolyn has been a great experience, which I would definitely recommend to others.”J.W. Consultant.


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This article was first published in Counselling Children and Young People, a divisional journal of BACP, December 2011.